The land on which ‘T-Park' is designated to stand is situated on the border between the commune of Szczawno Zdrój and the city of Wałbrzych, in an area with excellent connections to the local and national road system.

'T-Park' is a tool for the commercialisation of research results, an arena where modern industries can meet; as the crow flies, the Park is situated approximately 2000 meters from the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone.

The task of ‘T-Park' is to create favourable conditions for the implementation of projects based on highly advanced production technology and state of the art service in such sectors as electronics, information technology and telecommunications, the automobile and construction industries and health resort medicine, while guaranteeing the safety of the natural environment, highly innovative products, unique solutions and products which are attractive to industry.

Strong Points of investing in the Lower Silesian Technology Park

  1. Unrestricted access to technical back-up facilities in the investment grounds.
  2. Unequalled qualifications of the T-Park management team, ensuring comprehensive assistance and consultancy in the entire investment process.
  3. Support offered by Dolnośląska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A. (the institution that manages the Lower Silesian Technology Park).
  4. Support in acquisition of European Union grants designed specifically for the residents of technology parks.
  5. Competitive labour costs in the region.
  6. Availability of qualified employees who have acquired experience in working with foreign interest companies.
  7. Mobility of workforce in the region.
  8. Favourable geographical position.
  9. Well-developed communication infrastructure ensures quick access to:
    • The centre of Wałbrzych – 6 km
    • The centre of Wrocław – 65 km
    • The centre of Prague – 170 km
    • The centre of Berlin – 335 km
    • The centre of Vienna – 390 km
    • A4 Motorway – 30 km
    • The future S3 expressway – 15 km
    • Wrocław International Airport – 70 km
    • Nearest Poland-Czech border crossing – 20 km
    • Nearest Poland-Germany border crossing – 130 km
  10. Availability of business support institutions.
  11. Goodwill and assistance of local and central government administration.
  12. Many sightseeing attractions in Szczawno-Zdrój municipality, the city of Wałbrzych, and the entire region.

Dolnośląska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A./ Lower Silesian Development Agency
ul. Szczawieńska 2
58-310 Szczawno-Zdrój
Phone : +48 74 648 04 00
Fax: +48 74 648 04 17
Contact person:
Marek Urbański
tel : 74 648 04 47

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Business ideas are born in the mind. Business success matures in the Technology Park

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DARR S.A. manages and owns Lower Silesian Technology Park T-Park

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ul. Szczawieńska 2,
58-310 Szczawno Zdrój
tel. (+48) (74) 648 04 00
fax (+48) (74) 648 04 17

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REGON: P-890004750
KRS: 0000043944
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