The Business Incubator of ‘T-Park’, the Lower Silesian Technology Park, was established in consideration of young technological companies with a large innovation potential. It is a place which creates the economic support of knowledge by strengthening the chances for young business enterprises to survive until such time as they have attained a mature economic status. The ‘T-Park’ incubator offers assistance in the launch and running of companies, training, advisory services and support for cooperation between small- and medium-sized businesses and academic institutions, as well as facilitating access to financial resources and the international market.

The ‘T-Park’ Technological Incubator offers:

  • partially-equipped office space at a very attractive rate,
  • he pre-incubation of companies, support during the launch of their business activities and the development of strategies and business plans,
  • support for business enterprises and innovative projects in the technological sector, through the provision pf advisory services and technical and financial assistance,
  • the opportunity of applying for structural funding dedicated exclusively to ‘T-Park’s’ tenants,
  • the creation of links between the academic sphere and business practice,
  • the initiation of contacts and transfer technology,
  • expert human resources, specialising in innovative activities, financial resources and business-support institutions, gathered in one place,
  • free use of conference rooms,
  • access to business-support institutions located in the same building,
  • access to multi-functional office equipment, such as photocopiers, fax and scanners,
  • attractive rates for conference room hire,
  • access to laboratory space,
  • attractive rates for advisory services provided by DARR S.A.,
  • facilitation of contact with companies situated in other Technology Parks in Poland and Europe,
  • attractive conditions for participation in training programmes organised by DARR S.A.,
  • full building administration services, including office cleaning services and security,
  • attractive rates for rental of archive space,
  • a free parking space per each 50 m2 of office space rented.

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Business ideas are born in the mind. Business success matures in the Technology Park

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DARR S.A. manages and owns Lower Silesian Technology Park T-Park

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ul. Szczawieńska 2,
58-310 Szczawno Zdrój
tel. (+48) (74) 648 04 00
fax (+48) (74) 648 04 17

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KRS: 0000043944
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